Bhetki Macher Kantar Chorchori

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Bhetki Macher Kantar Chorchori

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1. Bhetki Fish bones (kanta) – 10-12 pcs.
2. Onion sliced (1 cup).
3. Potatoes cut lenthwise (3 medium).
4. Mustard Oil.
5. Turmeric Powder (1/2 tspn).
6. Red Chilli Powder (1/2 tspn).
7. Panch Foron or Bengali Five Spice (1/2 tspn).
8. Tomatoes chopped (1 cup).
9. Salt to taste.
10. Sugar (1/3 tspn).


1.Carefully coat the Bhetki fish bones (maacher kanta or central bone) and the tail piece well with some turmeric powder and salt. Fry them well in mustard oil.
2.Next peel the potatoes and cut them in lengthwise pieces. Finely slice the onions. Potato portion would be three times the portion of onions.
3.Heat some mustard oil and add the bengali five spice (panch foron). Once the spice starts to turn reddish, add the sliced onions and chopped tomatoes. Add some salt, 1/3 tspn sugar, turmeric powder and the red chilli powder. Saute till the onions turn translucent and the tomatoes become fully cooked.
4.Next add in the potatoes and the fried fish bones. Saute well for another 5 mins. Then cover and cook for 10-15 mins till the potatoes are tender.
5.Once the potatoes are fully cooked, add little mustard oil and some more chillies if required. Add salt as per taste.

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